Fire Station 32 Renovation

Cherokee County, Georgia

The architecture of Fire Station 32 in Cherokee County incorporates minor renovations to the existing station with the construction of a ground-up lodging building. This new addition will be located near the existing station and connected through a sleek metal breezeway.

This innovative layout aims to create a seamless transition between the old and new structures, providing the firefighters convenience and ease of access while maintaining a consistent design throughout. In addition to the dorm building, Fire Station 32 will also feature a small equipment storage building. This structure is specifically designed to store the firefighters’ personal protective equipment (PPE). Like the lodging building, the storage building will be accessed through a metal breezeway, ensuring a cohesive aesthetic throughout the fire station site.

The new lodging building at Fire Station 32 boasts a comprehensive layout that caters to the needs of the firefighters. It encompasses several bunks, providing individual sleeping quarters for the crew members. Furthermore, the building includes restrooms and ample storage space to accommodate the personal belongings of the firefighters and radio equipment. Additionally, the lodging building incorporates an office and a laundry room, providing essential amenities to facilitate the smooth functioning of the fire station. This intelligent architectural design prioritizes the firefighters’ speed, comfort, and functionality, promoting an efficient and productive work environment.



Project Delivery Method

Design Bid Build

Building Area

2,000 gross sf

Construction Contract Value

$1.5 million

Site Area

2.56 acre

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