Scottdale, Georgia

The Tobie Grant Recreation Center in Scottdale, Georgia, is a vibrant and modern design to help serve as a catalyst of growth and revitalization for the surrounding neighborhood. The project was designed and spearheaded by Matthew Cash, who dedicated two years to programming and designing the building at his previous employer.

During the two years of design, the documentation and production were managed by Alejandro Ramirez. Together, they collaborated closely with DeKalb County to create a recreation center that would cater to the community’s needs for decades to come. Their collaboration resulted in a facility that boasts a contemporary aesthetic, with clean lines and a welcoming atmosphere. The recreation center features a range of amenities, including multipurpose rooms, a library, a gymnasium, and fitness facilities.

The design also incorporates plenty of natural light and open spaces, creating a sense of connectivity to the community. The architectural team started with a sketch and transformed it into a fully realized and functional facility for DeKalb County. The Tobie Grant Recreation Center stands as a testament to the power of teamwork and the ability to create something valuable for the community.



Project Delivery Method

Design Bid Build

Building Area

24,000 sf

Construction Contract Value

$9.3 million

Site Area

5.65 acres

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