PSI A&E Team

The team at PSI A&E, an architecture and engineering division within Place Services, Inc., is driven by a passion for creating innovative and functional spaces for governmental, commercial, industrial, and retail clients.

With a team of highly experienced architects and engineers, we aim to deliver cutting-edge designs that meet the unique needs of our clients’ projects. By working closely with project stakeholders, our leadership and design team ensures seamless collaboration and adherence to programmatic goals, client expectations, project regulations, and applicable building and life safety codes. Our expertise encompasses designing a wide variety of building types that are visually appealing but also sustainable and efficient in operation. Through our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence, PSI A&E’s leadership is dedicated to enhancing communities through exceptional architecture and engineering solutions.

Matthew Cash, AIA, NCARB

Director of Architecture

Matthew Cash is an accomplished architect who brings over 27 years of experience and expertise to his work. With a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the Southern Polytechnic State University and a master’s degree in building construction from the Georgia Institute of Technology, he has become a trusted professional in his field. Matthew is a registered architect in multiple states and a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB). Throughout his career, he has contributed to numerous high-profile projects, showcasing his talent for innovative design and meticulous attention to detail. Whether collaborating with clients, contractors, or fellow design professionals, Matthew’s strong communication and leadership skills enable him to successfully navigate complex projects and deliver outstanding results. His passion for sustainable design and commitment to creating spaces that inspire and enhance the human experience set him apart in the industry. Matthew enjoys time with family, off-roading, camping, hiking, fishing, and writing.

Alejandro Ramirez

Project Manager / Production Lead

Alejandro (Alex) has over 18 years of experience in various projects ranging from Federal, State, Municipal, Education, Commercial, Industrial, and Aviation. He plays a significant role in designing and producing various aspects of the design process, such as programming, planning, schematic design, design development, construction documents, specifications, construction administration, cost estimation, site observation, facility assessments, and coordination between multiple engineers and consultants. Alex enjoys movies, documentaries, reading, and travel.

Delvin Stephens

Designer / Project Manager

Delvin Stephens has over 5 years of architectural experience, ranging from Hospitality, Single-Family, Multi-Family, Mixed-Use Renovation, and Commercial projects. During his education at the Rural Studio and Theory Studio programs of Auburn University, Delvin gained a new insight into the powerful effects of architecture to create spaces that can enhance and inspire new experiences through hands-on construction and evaluation.  Delvin has led or had extensive involvement in the schematic design, design development, construction documentation, and construction administration phases. Delvin enjoys drawing, films, woodworking, Hasbro’s Monopoly, and Greek Mythology.

Danielle O’Sullivan

Interior Designer

Danielle O’Sullivan is a creative, motivated, and focused designer with much of her experience focused on corporate interior design. She’s skilled in transforming concepts into visually compelling and sustainable interior environments. Danielle has strong project management and collaborative skills. Danielle is fluent in multiple languages and enjoys traveling and spending time with her dog, Ferguson.

Brett Hembree

Architectural Intern

Brett Hembree is a fifth-year architecture student at Kennesaw State University, focusing on designing structures that combine tradition and modernity. During his years at Kennesaw State University and PSI, Brett has worked on projects involving mixed-use office buildings, urban development, fire stations, and commercial buildings. He seeks to design in a way that will provide for the user’s needs while also adhering to the surrounding environment. In addition to working towards a Bachelor of Architecture, he is seeking a minor in Construction Management. Outside of school, Brett enjoys keeping active with sports, hiking, working with his hands, and general design projects.

Who We Work With

City & State

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Federal Government

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